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The purpose of this page is for you a member of the public, to submit information about any business in South Africa you feel needs to be included on Service Rating. The information as submitted below by yourself will be reviewed by us prior to any decision to have your info that you submitted to be included or listed on our website for Service Rating.

Please ensure that all info regarding your nominated business to be included on Service Rating contains relevant and most accurate information to your knowledge. It is of most importance to include the full physical address of the business to ensure proper indexing and mapping of the business on Service Rating. Correct mapping and indexing ensure and assist other users of this website to easily find and locate the business that you nominate.

However if you are a business owner you should register your own business to be included on Service Rating and by claiming your listing you ensure that the business listing is only accessible by yourself and not any unauthorized third party claiming to be the business owner.

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The purpose of Service Rating is solely to promote and enhance better relations between the customers and business owners and to keep both informed of the views submitted on the site whether good, bad. or suggestions on service improvement required.

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