Terms and Conditions

Every person that make use of Service Rating must comply to Service Rating Terms and Conditions.

User Conduct

  • You as described the user use the Service Rating website named servicerating.co.za by first completing the Service Rating registration form. 
  • When you have completed the registration form and submit all the required information, you will be able to log in to the website. 
  • Please be on the lookout for a sms that would be sent to you. 
  • This information that you received on the sms will assist you to log into servicerating.co.za.


  • You undertake the following by registering with Service Rating. 
  • You agree and promise to provide accurate and the newest information about yourself at this date of registration. 
  • Your full names, surname, gender, age email address and phone numbers, landline and cell number. 
  • If any of the information changed during your interaction with Service Rating you will update the information. 
  • The sms that would be sending to you is to verify that the cell number that you have provide is in your cell number and is controlled by you.

Unlawful Content.

  • All reports or placements may remain on the Service Rating website for a period deemed necessary at the sole discretion of Service Rating owners, contractors, employees.  
  • Service rating have the sole right to remove any content that they may seem to be unlawful and not the actual facts.
  • Service Rating members and users may not at any moment place any unlawful, defamatory, private, racist, insulting, harassing, sexist, fraudulent, degrading, obscene, indecent  content or material on the service rating .co.za website.

Placing Unlawful content.

  • You the service rating member or user take full responability of any content that you place on servicerating.co.za. 
  • Any lawful action that may arise from any unlawful content that was place on the servicerating.co.za website will exclude Service Rating owners, contractors, employees from any lawful action against them.

Service Rating Users Security.

  • Never published any personal information on the website that could lead to harassment from internet trolls. 
  • The following information is prohibited to be displayed; name, surname, age, gender, email address, physical address, any phone or contact number or any other means of contact. 
  • This is for your own security.

Service Rating User contact information provided.

  • You the user of Service Rating hereby give Service Rating permission to provide only the contact information to the business that you the user reported on the service rating website. 
  • The service rating user or members contact information would only be provided to the business that the user have interaction with.

Service Rating Monitoring website content.

  • Service Rating will attempt to keep unwanted and unlawful content from the service Rating website. 
  • Service rating administrators will monitor new reviews, complaints and compliments.

Expressions of reports.

  • All reports, reviews, complaints and compliments are the views and expressions of the user that have placed the information. 
  • Service Rating is neutral in regards the expression or placement of any information. 
  • Any report that is been placed do not express the views or believe of Service Rating owners or its employees, contractors or administrators. 
  • Service Rating owners, contractors, employees will not take any responsibility regarding any placement of any report, review, complaint or compliment.

Right to remove content.

  • Service Rating owners, contractors, employees reserve the right to remove or edit any report, review, complaint or compliment for any reason that they may find unnecessary to do.

Consecutive reporting.

  • Service rating users is only allowed to place one report of a specific business in a 7-day period. 
  • Feedback of the resolved issue can be placed about the business that you interact with.

Advertising on Service Rating website.

  • All advertising must be approved by the Service Rating owners, contractors, employees. 
  • No advertising will be allowed in placements like reviews, complaints or compliments.

Using Service Rating

The use of the website, serviverating.co.za is solely at the risk of the service rating member or user. Service rating members and users hereby acknowledge full responsibility for any content they placed on servicerating.co.za.

Service Rating liability.

  • Service Rating owners, contractors, employees disclaim any liability of any nature that may arise from the content that is been placed by any service rating member or user.

Service Rating liability.

  • Service Rating owners, contractors, employees disclaim any liability of any nature that may arise from the content that is been placed by any service rating member or user.

Acknowledgement of client interaction

  • By placing a review, complaint or compliment on servicerating.co.za you acknowledge that you were or are a client of the business that you have reviewed or complaint or complimented about. 
  • You acknowledge that all facts and views is a true reflection that you endure when you interact with the named business. 
  • Your experience that you experience during your interaction must be correct and to the point. 
  • No defensive threats or action is allowed.

Personal Information

  • Service Rating undertakes not to disclose any personal information that you the service member or user provided to Service Rating, to any third party without the written consent of you the person involved.  
  • You consent to your contact details being disclosed to the supplier concerned and you undertake not to institute legal action against the owners of Service Rating for breach of privacy or any related cause of action in relation to such a disclosure. 
  • You also consent that your personal details being kept by the owners of Service Rating for a period of 5 (five) years from the time that you provide them to the owners of Service Rating on the website servicerating.co.za.

Termination of membership.

  • Any violation of the Terms and Conditions of Service rating would result in the termination of your service rating membership. 
  • Service Rating reserves the right to terminate your membership or participation on service rating as they deemed necessary.

Email usage:

  • Service Rating will keep you update with any new information regarding improvements or any threats that may have the potential to cause any harm to service rating members. 
  • You have the option to opt out if you wish to. 
  • Your email information will then be removed from the email information list.

Business Conduct

  • Business acknowledges that service rating members and users may not place any unlawful content on their reviews, complaints and compliments on the service rating website.  
  • Businesses undertake not to institute any legal action or any steps whatsoever against Service Rating owners, contractors, employees as a result of ant lawful content that may have been placed on servicerating.co.za. 
  • Businesses undertake not to take any legal action or any steps whatsoever against any service rating member or user for any content the member or user have placed on servicerating.co.za.

Business rights

  • Any business on the servicerating.co.za website has the right to state their side of the action. 
  • The service rating website is to build constructive relations between businesses and clients. 
  • Any improvement to promote service delivery in any business would result in more satisfied clients and more sales.

Electronic Communications and Transactions Act.

  • In terms of section 77(2) of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act, any person who lodges a notification of unlawful activity knowing that it materially misrepresents the facts is liable for damages for wrongful take-down. 
  • By accepting the Terms and Conditions you the service rating member or user acknowledge the above mentioned acts implications regarding any misleading or damaging action that you may cause by placing wrongfully information.